Quality Assurance

Our Angus and Angus/Hereford cattle graze our verdant pastures in spring and summer. After the first frost in October the cattle are fed supplemental protein block for energy, corn silage, and hay harvested by our family during the summer months. To finish our cattle, they are given a diet of our corn silage, corn (sometimes in form of distillers grain), and cotton seed which is grown and harvested in Boston. When a steer (castrated male) or heifer(female) reaches a finished weight of about 1300lbs and shows the correct physical profile of "fat", the cow is ready for the processor. The cow is taken only 30 minutes from our farm to Johnston's in Monticelllo, FL for harvesting. The meat is aged for 21 days for a more flavorful and tender taste before it is cut, and vacuum sealed for long lasting freshness.