Josh & Faye Herring

This family owned and operated farm is worked every day by a handful of people. Josh Herring, the patriarch and founder of our farm, works our land and cattle each and every day. He is supported by his wife, Faye, of 50+ years of marriage.

Joshua Herring

Joshua Herring, Josh and Faye's son, has the green thumb that keeps our crops and pastures healthy and growing. He is essential in planting, growing, and harvesting the peanut, cotton, hay, and corn crops. He is also really good with the cattle. They love his corn silage! Joshua is married to Christa and they have a son, Luke, who also helps on the farm when he is not in school.

Deidre Parramore

Deidre is the daughter of Josh and Faye. She left her teaching career several years ago to enjoy what she has always been fond of, cattle. Her main focus is the cattle segment of the farm. She is married to Todd and together they have three children, Miles, Emory, and Mary Todd. Her son Miles helps with selling Fadeosh meat through Homegrown. We all work together to make the operation successful. Every day of the week we are working to make sure our cattle and crops are being taken care of.

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